Saturday, August 14, 2010

Full speed on the trail!

I started with Tina today and focused on more harmony with the bit. We had a nice session and did some cantering at the end. I rode her english and that saddle fits her so well I believe I'll use that with her from now on. She was good today moving off my seat and we started to really build the halt from my seat.

After warm up on the ground and riding in the arena, I took her to the obstacles and then we started to simply ride around the property. Again today, she was interesting in heading off the property. I let her go farther than yesterday, but we stayed on the property for safety's sake. I'll keep riding her and moving farther out into the world until I get a buddy organized.

We had another great session and I ended it by building more tolerance from her on her ears being touched on the inside. She's fine with the outside, but the inside is very hard for her to handle. I've been applying Derma Fas and the skin in her ear feels smooth and healed. At this point, I just need to build her tolerance to her ear being handled. She no longer has any issue with the outside being touched and rubbed, so we've made some good progress. This was important for bridling.

Next, I decided to ride Z. I haven't ridden her in 2 weeks and I was missing her. I gave her a trim before we headed off down the trail. We only rode 5 miles but we did it fast!! We rode the 5 miles in about 45 mins - cantering a lot and some trotting. She felt so great and I have no inhibitions on her back. I realize as I'm focused on Gem and Tina that I'm just no where near as confident as I am riding Z. Z and I just have so many trail miles behind us.

Anyway, it was a fun, fast ride and my amazing horse was only sweaty under her saddle pad. She's built and bred for this fast trail riding and one day I will use her for what she's bred to do. We'll get back into endurance and go for a 50 miler. Once we cover 50, I want to do Tevis. Z's the horse for that job.

Anyway, it was a fun time with horses. Tomorrow I'm taking my boys up Mt. Quandary (a 6 mile hike to the top of a 14k ft peak). Hopefully, I won't be too sore to ride Monday!

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