Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lesson with Gem and Cantering with Tina

Amazing lesson

1. Let him have some fun and work out the bucks first! Work on getting softer responses and by giving him full information and going through all phases! I've been a lot of quick 2,3,4 and need to do more equal phases or experiment with other versions of the phases.

2. Floating circle - commotion, keep him moving. Walk slower but maintain my direction and pick my point to walk to.

3. Never, ever pull on 2 reins with Gem until the bit issues are worked out. We have to work through that before we can get to finesse.

4. Play by doing this faster, let him move his feet if he needs to.

5. Canter leads - make outside of my body longer. Hold the outside rein and transition down with that rein if that's the lead he takes. Immediately ask again until the correct lead is offered. Gem did great with responsiveness to transitions up and down! Make sure the transition down starts in my seat and not my reins.

6. Forward request: Smile with all 4 cheeks, turn the smile into a squeeze, touch yourself, touch your horse.

7. My inside shoulders are uneven. Work to bring the inside shoulder up without letting the outside shoulder go back.

8. His canter transitions were amazing and he offered the canter unlike ever before! It was just the best riding with him ever.

Lots more...

Tina - wanted to start expecting more as I felt in the last session she wasn't advancing and taking her job more seriously. We started slowly for a few mins and then I asked for some trotting. I asked for some figure 8 and she fell onto the forehand a few times. I decided to ask for more life in the trot and got some absolutely beautiful floating trot from her! Best I've ever felt. She fell into the canter so I rode and started to ask for more forward. We trotted and canter a 20 - 25 meter circle for 30 mins or so and she was a gem. She was forward, safe, happy to go, responsive. So proud of her!

I'd like to start riding her english now as I've been using my treeless saddle for some time.

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