Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day Four, L&HB

Rain, rain and more rain. It rained on and off all day but luckily when it was time for us to play with our horses, the rain stopped. I had an amazing liberty session with my horse.

Today was about the 7 games. We talked about how the horseanalities should help decide which games to play; which help the horse's needs.

Things I found worth noting:

Frustration begins where knowledge ends.

The Power of Observation is the most powerful tool.

Three systems of a horse: respect, impulsion, flexion.

3 rules of horsemanship: 1. Always put the relationship first! 2. Develop all 4 savvy's! 3. Accept that you are on a journey of never-ending self-improvement.

The relationship:
In Level 1: Coexist
In Level 2: Tit for Tat (I'll take care of your needs when you take care of mine)
In Level 3: Your needs are my needs

Attitude of Scarcity can hinder you. Take an attitude of abundance!!

Never "should" on yourself! (I love that one)

Observe, remember, compare

Forgiveness. For ourselves and for our horses.

Principal games:
1. Friendly - AKA Confidence Game. Unconditional Deposit.
2. Porcupine - Follow a feel, always touching your horse.
3. Driving - Follow a suggestion

Purpose games:
4. Yo-Yo - north = south, transitions, straight lines
5. Circle - act like a partner, don't change gait, don't change direction, watch your feet
6. Sideways
7. Squeeze - shorten flight line

I need to ask myself more often, "Why did Z do that??"
I will start practicing more porcupine.

We did the "wax on, wax off" simulation, where two people face each other and one follows the other's feel in the wax on, wax off motion. Then, from farther and farther away. Kinda neat.

Then, the hot and cold game. This was cool. One person left the room, then 3 people stayed and were told to play the role of someone giving helpful directions, someone giving the total opposite directions and someone giving conflicting messages. When the person came back in the room, the 3 of them would tell her "hot" or "cold" trying to get her to perform an action. It was interesting how quickly the person would decide who to listen to.

Games to practice and play with the horseanalities:

LBE: circle (the send), driving zone 1, backing, stand still
LBI: circle, driving zone 1, draw, move (at all!), liberty
RBI: sqeeze, sideways, yoyo, disengage the hind, draw(no trust), circle (allow), liberty (best dressage horses!)
RBE: sqeeze, disengage hind, backing, friendly, stand still

RB's fear loss of life. LB's fear loss of dignity

Had a great liberty session with Z today. It was the first day I brought her from her pen and she never once called for her pen neighbor. I was very relieved - the horse from home is starting to appear again. It took 4 days!

There were a couple of good demos where the human sat on a barrel and played the games with an obstacle. Cool! Then, Kristi did a demo at liberty with her paint. Her Paint is an LBI, so she has to walk a fine line to keep her motivated. It was interesting and fun to watch.

I had the best day with Z since our arrival. I'm really looking forward to what I'll get from her in the coming days.

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