Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rain and Liberty

Thursday, May 8th... This was my first time playing with Rain in ages. I've been getting her exercise with riding, but I haven't done any ground work in probably 6 months. Wow - I forgot how great she is and how beautiful she looks when she's moving. Her trot has become quite consistent and she really stretches out in it. She'll also change and gait sometimes while moving on line or at liberty - just like when riding. :-) She remembers everything I taught her and her sidepass is better than Z or Gemini. Her circle game is light and she reminds me of how hard we worked for that L2 assessment. We played on the obstacles and bit and she let me know they were no big deal.

I took her into the roundpen and played the stick to me game. She had reverted with this game. Sometime in our L2 days, she learned to leave me very well. As soon as I turned my back she would bolt. We got past it and finished our L2 Liberty but she reminded me that it was still in there. I know a lot more now, so I decided it was best to work on getting past that behavior.

I simply added pressure to Zone 5 until she thought about looking at me and asking a question. As soon as she did, I'd ask her in. Every time she left, I added pressure. We played this game for about an hour. We made huge progress and I was so glad to see her coming back within a lap or less and finally, just before we quit, I turned me back to her to walk away and she didn't leave. Ahhhh... A perfect place to stop.

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