Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dressage Filly in my barn!

Saturday, May 10th - Today, I picked up a new horse for boarding. She's a fantastic coming 2 yr old. She was being boarded in a small dry lot with 5 other horses and not faring too well. She's very underweight, looks sullen and depressed and has many bite marks. From talking to the owner, I was expecting a horse with lots of attitude problems. Apparently, she'd learned how to move humans around from the boarding experience prior and she has a dominant nature. I wouldn't even agree to take in the horse without a meeting with it first. I was pleasantly surprised.

Had a little trouble trailer loading her. She'd only been in the trailer twice (I believe). I used the John Lyons method and it worked well. I tapped her back end and taught her to move forward from that. Then, it was just a matter of rewarding the smallest try and getting her to feel comfortable to make some effort and that I wasn't going to force her.

She's a very, very nice filly.

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