Monday, May 19, 2008

Day One, L&HB

I completely overslept. I woke up at 7:30. I told another student I'd meet her for breakfast at 8am. Doh! It's a 10 minute walk to the lodge and my horse is probably wondering where the heck I am and when she's getting fed. Not a great way to start the day.

I felt tired today. I felt a little brain-dead, too. I was rushing around all morning trying to catch up with the things I thought I'd get done before the morning session.

Anyway... It was another great day. We started off the day hearing about the nature of the horse and watching some videos showing the differences between prey and predator. This was good for me to watch and I definitely got something out of it. We also got a basic introduction into horseanalities. After the lecture, we went out to watch Kristi play with her partner - a great-looking Appy. Then, each faculty member brought their partners into the round pen, one by one, and played with their horses to music followed by an explanation of that horse's past, innate characteristics, spirit level, environment.

We also heard about driving our horses around from zone 3 and "moseying" with them. We simulated it with other students in pairs. We were told that our horse had to be willing to leave their pens that some may not be able to leave the pens because their horse won't be ready. When we ended the session and were set free to practice this lesson with them, my horse was wayyy happy to leave the pen and go eat grass! The soaked hay cube diet is strange for her and although she's eating, I think the need for her to chew and forage is strong and not met by the hay mash.

I had to get something from my trailer so I was one of the last to get my horse out for the free time. What I discovered was that later, when I took her out for more free time and lots of horses were still in their pens, she got worried. That was interesting. I'm sure there's a lot of comfort being surrounded by so many horses all day and night. Then, the third time I took her out, I actually played with her on the playground. They have some great stuff to play with!! She was worried but would settle, then get worried again. I believe tomorrow they will be giving us strategies to become more interesting. I had some ideas and we had some good moments, but I would love to hear them talk about this topic.

I'm really looking forward to discussions about the games. I have lots of notes to blog about, but I'm just too tired right now!!

Exercise - definitely off my running program however I'm getting some serious exercise walking from my trailer to the lodge to my horse. Wow! I think I'm getting shin splints!! This is like horsemanship/fat camp. No complaints.

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