Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers Day!

Indian Creek with Jen! It was a great, long slow ride. We were in the woods on the trail for about 4 hours. I had a great time. I rode Cowboy out for Jen because she was a little worried. He seemed just a tad "up" so it wouldn't have been a good combo for the two of them. Rain was fine as always and helped Jen relax. It was a beautiful day and I could have done that for 4 more... no make that 8 more hours. Easily. It's my favorite thing to do.

We switched on the way back and she rode Cowboy. I had worked a little on his grass-eating habit so Jen was playing around with ways to keep him from forcing her to let him eat grass. I would say that's the only hole he has and he just needs someone on his back who can consistently tell him it's better to be more polite.

Jen had some problems loading him and it caused her some delay and added to her tension at the beginning of the trailhead. In the month I had him, he never seemed to have any trouble getting into the trailer. We're wondering if it's because her trailer is smaller than mine and he's too claustrophobic. He was pretty sweaty when she unloaded him at the trailhead start.

I forgot to ask her if he was as worried on the ride home and if he looked sweaty when she unloaded him. I imagine he might have been too tired to be stressed on the trailer ride home, but who knows. Bigger trailers are definitely easier on the horse.

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