Saturday, September 27, 2008

Corner game, Backing and Transitions

Today was another time where Z gave me a soft, soft canter and a beautiful transition from walk to canter and back to walk. We played Corner game, lots of transitions, riding the rail, some cloverleaf, and bullseye. We started playing with the figure 8 pattern, which was a no-brainer for her. I asked for a canter bullseye and realized I'd asked for it w/o properly preparing her for it.

We played with cantering corner to corner, and then canter transitions with 5 canter strides before walking again.

It was my first time riding her in a week or so and she did quite well. I was so pleased with her last canter transition, I praised the heck out of her, jumped off and walked her back to the barn.

Note: for some reason, her backup has gone hard and stiff. I don't know what happened or where, but she will no longer softly go backwards. I worked on it some today but need to continue finding her soft backup and helping her release the tension about going backwards. I must have done something recently when riding her. Perhaps it was the Dome Rock ride where she wanted to be with Rain and I had to hold her back.

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