Sunday, September 28, 2008

Three horses on the trail

Today, I took all 3 of my horses on the trail for a nice 9 mile ride. It was a little warm today and the horses are just a little fuzzy in response to the shorter days of fall. I had such a rewarding time with my horses, though! Deuce, of course, came along and behaved himself as usual.

All the pony work I did with Gemini over the summer was paying off today. Z was also a well-behaved pony horse for the most part. Rain was AWESOME! She is my most amazing horse. I could not imagine asking Z to pony a horse off each side and I still can't imagine fully trusting Gemini on the trail to behave, let alone pony another horse.

I'm very grateful to have Rain.

When we got home, I touched up everyone's hooves and put them all in for the night. If only I had more time...

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