Sunday, September 21, 2008

Play Day at My Place

I had 6 people come over for some Parelli play time. We talked about horseanalities, I had them all chart their horses and we talked about games to play with each quadrant for practice. We were to focus on the first 3 games, but I only ended up demoing on friendly. I had things I wanted to show on Porcy and Driving and I'm sorry I didn't get to them. However, I had one person who's horse needed leadership and I got sidetracked helping with that. Basically, having a couple people who don't know the games made it very tough to get through the games.

We ate some lunch and then mounted for some riding practice. I talked about using the suspension rein to lift the shoulder, combing the reins to get longitudinal flexion, hip-pointing and transitions.

Z was NOT with me and I'm not sure if it was because she'd had 2 days on the road and on the trail the day before or if I was doing something different. She was unhappy and extremely resistant to back. I needed to wait for her and I actually didn't know whwat to do at that point. She hasn't gotten rigid like that in a long time. She hasn't since my time at ISC. I'm some how forgetting what I know and/or what I've learned about partnering with Z.

I hope to get some time in the next day or two to address it and try some things. I might watch Linda talk about brideless backups again - get a tip and see what I'm forgetting to do. I've gone back to the pure way of backing up my horse from what Dennis was teaching and I may have a confused horse right now. I just need some time to experiment with her and figure out what she needs from me to want to partner up.

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