Friday, September 26, 2008

Morris Animal Foundation

Today, I had about 20 people come over to listen to me talk about natural horsemanship and my Parelli journey. Work was busy and I had to finish a call just minutes before people started to arrive. A little stressful, but exciting.

One of the ladies brought her 3 minis and I ended up playing with one named Lucky. A cute appy colored mini with a brave spirit and a healthy dose of willingness. I used Rain to demo. I really thought I should be using Z, but I knew Rain would be so great for a crowd. And she was. We showed some tricks and all the 7 games. We talked about horseanalities and the Parelli program. We talked about horses and prey animal tendencies. People were interested and even had questions.

Before we ended, Nancy showed how she plays the Catching Game with Capaill. I also showed how to get Lucky to understand the games and asked him to cross a tarp. He was perfect about demonstrating his fear of the tarp and I played with approach and retreat. When I stopped asking and turned away, he crossed the tarp! It was perfect and people seemed impressed.

At the end, the 3 minis were fitted with carts and we rode around in the arena. That was kind of fun! I would love to have a cart and teach my horse's to drive. Oscar jumped on with me and we rode around with Summer pulling us.

It was a great day and I learned some things about myself. First of all, I trust Rain to demo with me. I don't trust my other 2 to "wow" a crowd. Hmmm... Secondly, I can easily talk about horsemanship for hours. I went on and on... I hope I didn't bore them too much. They all seemed appreciate and happy and I got lots of compliments. I also got 2 potential clients!

I'm so happy for the opportunity to share what I know with those people.

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