Thursday, September 25, 2008

Riding Gemini

I'm slowly working Gemini into my routine and trying to be more regular with getting him going. I had some time and I was able to hop on him and play with a few things. He really would benefit from transitions as he's a little sluggish. He would also benefit from point-to-point, corner game and other arena games to keep him interested and improve his motivation. At this point, I find I'm overly sensitive to asking him for speed because that's when he's most likely to buck. I'm trying to be firm, but soft and I don't want to sacrifice my intentions of getting him to give me impulsion when I ask for it. I just have to learn to trust him more and that will take time.

We didn't have any issues and he no longer bucks when the rear cinch goes tight. That's a good thing. His trot is so smooth and he's a pleasure to ride. I will continue to practice backing and soft transitions with him. The more time we have together, the better it will get.

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