Saturday, September 27, 2008

Natural Hoof Care Clinic

... with Gail Snyder. I learned a ton. I learned how to map a horse's hoof and how to know where the coffin bone is. I've always wondered how a farrier or trimmer knows that. I learned about white line disease, fungi, sidebone, ringbone, anomolies, the mustang hoof and how to approach a trim.

I started trimming my own horse's feet about 1 month ago. I've now trimmed them all multiple times as I learn how to use my tools and what foot I'm trying to create. I took off quite a bit of wall from Gemini's hinds on the lateral side, trying to shore up a more conical and balanced hoof. He grows a lot of wall on the lateral side since his legs are crooked.

We watched Gail trim the hoof of one of Robin's horses. I liked watching that and all of this made a lot of sense to me since I have already started looking at my horse's feet closely. I'm feeling great about taking care of their feet myself. I think I'll do a good job.

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