Saturday, December 20, 2008

Attempting to Tape L3 Online

My sister was willing to video L3 Online of Z and me. So, I got my act together, moved my trailer, gathered my horse, and went out to warm Z up. It was cooooold. However, my horse was very uncomfortable with the idea of cantering on the icy and snowy ground. She was slipping and doing her best regardless, I just couldn't ask for her best on crappy footing.

I was feeling disheartened and I sat on my front porch with my sisters while Z ate what's left of the landscaped grass. It was good undemanding time, but I got no video-taping done.

I'm struggling with my drive to finish this year. Maybe the audition won't suck that bad. If the ground doesn't change, I won't have a choice.

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