Sunday, December 28, 2008

L3 Online - finally ready to submit!

Had a great day! Took Kendall for a short ride, her on Rain and me on Z. Z was, once again, a nut. She was worried and jiggy and kind of like we've just taken a big step back with trail confidence. We only went a couple miles, but I hopped off and did some ground work at a very fast pace. She was better and I got back on and rode her home. We practiced stopping with no reins the rest of the way home and just generally getting her listening. Backing up, sidepassing, half-passing, haunches in, everything to get her paying attention and partnering up with me. Actually, I think I got some pretty things out of her. I was also not at all worried. She bucked a little at one point and I was surprised - but handled her with bending and lateral work.

Before the trail ride, I played a little with Cowboy. I tacked him up and rode him a bit. We played with the teeter-totter and he did great - no worries or concerns. I asked him to jump a few things and we played a little with sideways. I had him wear a bit the whole time and once I mounted, I focused on looking for quietness in his mouth. I waited for him to feel calm and confident and then I hopped off! It's not going to take much to bring him around and I have to say, today I felt like I'd rather develop him than Gemini - because I think he's more predictable to ride. Maybe Gem and I would just need a little time to develop the bucks away, but Cowboy doesn't seem to have a buck - which is nice. One less thing to deal with. I wanted to play with him longer, but Kendall was ready to ride and I wanted to have enough time to get the Online taping done. I'm excited about the possibilities with Cowboy.

Taping was a pretty good success. Z did everything I asked. She was a sweaty mess when we were done. She went into the trailer with gusto! She cantered almost non-stop on the 45. She jumped the 3' jump and she went sideways nicely. I hope they pass this submission. If not, it's ok - means we weren't quite ready. However, we did things the best we know how at this point. I'm pleased with both of us.

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