Wednesday, December 17, 2008

L3 Online - Making sure we're ready

My job has been overbearing this week and the weather has been even worse. We had arctic temps and broke records that were 60 yrs old! One of the nights, it was 15 below, no wind, no snow, just butt-a** cold. I couldn't bear to ask my horses for anything in that!

So, today I found time to get out and practice our online routine. It's about time to tape it and I think we're close to ready. I couldn't do the obstacle course with Z because when I asked her canter she was slipping all over. No pulled muscles or tendons! So, I just asked for a nice, slow trot and just a small circle around me. We practiced a nice, calm change of direction, and then worked on getting sideways a little faster. We played yo-yo up the hill and I tried to help her understand to trot back to me. I asked for a lighter response to backing by the tail and by the hocks. Finally, I loaded her into the trailer from at least 30 ft multiple times. I timed the trailer loading when she was ready for a break from the other things so the trailer could feel like a really good place. She bounded into the trailer each time I asked.

I think we're really ready. Our circle by the flank is good to go, driving with the horsemans reins is solid, it's time to tape. I'm looking forward to focusing on riding... RIDING! Maybe I can have the riding assessed by summertime 2009.

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