Friday, December 26, 2008

L3 Online - Almost on Film

We were out there for a couple hours today, but the footing still isn't quite good enough. Z is not comfortable jumping 3 ft with a slippery ground. Steve was out there with me and we moved the jump to a flatter, somewhat drier place and I started asking her to give that a try. She was definitely better with the new jump location but it was slipper enough still that I decided to bail. We went to the round pen and captured the circle by the flank task.

She's moving into the trailer with such gusto! I have to be careful to make sure it doesn't appear that she's escaping into the trailer (how profound is that!). Our sideways is better than ever and I can feed her rope while she goes sideways now. She's pulling a little at the canter on the barn side of the circle, but I think we're still more than 75% soft and willing.

Cowboy is here and I want to get some time with him. I've been focused on getting these ground tasks assessed and done and the other horses need some time from me.

Also, got Nina trimmed by myself. I changed my attitude and gave her the time she needed and she did great. She was giving me a little trouble in the prior trim and I realize I had started getting a direct lined attitude. Good for me - I'm learning. Need to catch up Gem and Rains hind feet and then everyone has happy feet for a few weeks.

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