Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Practicing the Online Obstacle Course

Every day lately, I check the weather, check the footing, check my time and wonder if it's going to be the right day to film my L3 online. Today could have been that day. The footing was much better, the wind wasn't blowing, Z was ready to do what she needed to do and things were looking pretty good. The only thing that wasn't great was with her jumping the 3' jump. For some reason, she was lacking confidence about the jump. She was cantering into the trailer beautifully, the sideways looks pretty good, she's backing straight up the hill and trotting back into me easily. A lot of things feel pretty good and I'm proud of what we've developed.

She got pretty sweaty and with the cold and snow on the way, I was a little concerned about putting her back with the herd sweaty. She hung out in the barn and ate hay with a fleece cooler on for a bit. Then, I decided to double blanket her for the night.

We need to get our video made and move on.

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