Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting 2 Going Indoors

Tonight, I took Z and Gem to a good friend's indoor arena to get them exercised. The days are so freakin' short and I'm not accomplishing a lot lately, which is maddening. With the help of my friends indoor, I can play with horses after dark and maybe get back on track.

I played with Gemini and had planned to ride him. However, I ended up only playing with him on the ground. We advanced our circle game and he's getting much better at being responsible for maintaining gait. We worked some on squeeze and sideways as well. We've got to spend more time on sideways. He did quite well through the 3 hours I had him there and actually, he was happy to follow me around at Liberty. I'm surprised how quickly he's re-bonded to me now that I'm playing with him again.

Z and I did a little groundwork, but mostly rode. We worked on lead changes and transitions. I rode in my English saddle for the first time in ages and it was kind of cool. I like my western an awful lot, but I'd like to spend more time riding in both instead of the majority of my time in my western. I have great saddles - I'm lucky.

They weren't too sure about loading in the dark, but they did after a minute or two of requesting.

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