Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting Gemini out and more Freestyle

Today I took Gemini for a 30 min run with me. He ran along side me and we went down the trail together. My oldest, Kyle came along, too. Gem was really great - never worried, always listening, a good boy! On the way back, we practiced the 7 games and especially sideways, falling leaf and backwards. We stopped after so he could munch the nice green grass and he seemed happy.

Then, Z and I went into the arena for more freestyle practice. I don't think we had a great session. I was feeling irritable (not sure why) and she was very "go forward" thinking. I wasn't frustrated, but I realized I wasn't being my best for her. We did some corners game, cantering the circle, transitions, figure 8, and some other things. I decided to leave the arena as I just didn't feel good about what we were getting done. We went to the front and I asked her to jump a 2' jump, squeeze-style. She was so overleaping this jump! It got better and towards the (after 8 or so jumps), she got more efficient with her energy.

I wasn't in the mood and I realize I probably need a day off of riding. I've gotten lots of horse time lately and I'm grateful, but I think I need to just sit with them if I get the time today. I just need to enjoy them and ask them for nothing.

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