Sunday, May 17, 2009

L3 Freestyle Filming

I had big plans for the day to get Rain exercised (CTR race is in one week!) and Cowboy moving and Gemini on the trail. However, I did a quick session with Z practicing for our bridleless filming and we had such good stuff going that I decided to go for some filming time. Steve obliged and we spent an hour or two capturing some freestyle riding.

I feel very good about we've got going and the one thing I want to practice a little more on is the circle at the canter. We are using only the neck rope and 1 carrot stick. I realized at one point that I was being unclear with the stick and I went to phase 4 when she was blowing through my ask to turn left. You just can't be bridleless on an Anglo-arab and have the horse thinking they can do what they want to do! :-)

I may send in some of what we got on tape and I may practice the circle a little more and send new film. I haven't decided. Either way, we're nearly there! Feels amazing - my partner and I have come such a long way.

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