Friday, May 8, 2009

More Practice for Freestyle Filming

Had a nice, quick session with Z, practicing our choreography for L3 freestyle filming. I've got a course setup in my arena and I asked Steve to come out and film so I could study my riding and what Z is telling me. It was cold, cloudy and windy - not great weather but my gem of a husband stood out there and filmed anyway.

I'll post the video asap.

Z refused the jump twice before she jumped it the 3rd time. It's only about 18", so I'm surprised that she's refusing it. Am I looking at the jump instead of out and beyond? We need more jumping practice. She's also still trying to avoid it. I'm sure I could help her more. I suspect I'll see something on my video.

What's so nice is that Z is ready to play with me when I show up. She comes right up, walks into the barn, stands for saddling, just a pleasure of a horse. She did something else interesting, as I was readjusting the obstacles that were blown by the wind in the arena, she followed me around. Then, I stopped and started to get ready to mount. She did a large exhale at that moment! How interesting.

We did serpentines and figure 8 at the trot and a little at the canter. I'd like to get it at the canter for the filming.

After the arena session, I walked her out to eat some grass while I hung out on her back. She was determined not to leave the property - which was interesting since I rode her yesterday and we left the property fairly easily.

Anyway, a great session with my mare! We're nearly there.

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