Saturday, May 16, 2009

More trail time with Gem in-hand

Convinced Steve to come along and made a hike of it.  We went several miles and Gemini was calm until a certain point when he got very afraid.  I had either a LBE on adrenalin or a RBE.  I think we was a bit a both.  I chose to move his feet a lot and change the game fast and furious.  Sideways, over obstacles, falling leaf, backwards fast, sideways again, only a few seconds of each.  He got it back together and we were able to move on.  It was very interesting seeing his behavior from the ground and I know it would have been much worse if I'd been mounted.

The terrain was perfect because we were walking in a ravine and I could send him straight up the ravine wall and down into a ditch and over holes in the ground.  We could sidepass easily down the trail and go backwards nice and straight.  

The dogs came along and it was a nice 1.5 hours of exercise and horse training.  

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