Monday, May 18, 2009

Rain and Gem on the trail

So, Rain and I cover 30-40 miles on the trail this coming weekend in our first CTR ever. I'm so excited! I've been meaning to get more training rides on her and I hope she'll be ok. I may switch her out for Z on day 2 because we aren't competing. We decided to be safety riders and experience the CTR for the first time w/o competing. So, we'll make sure everyone gets down the trail safely and help any that need it.

Rain is such an awesome trail horse, but she doesn't really like to work too hard. It might be more miles than she's up for in a weekend. We'll see.

Anyway, tonight Rain and I ponied Gemini for about 9 miles at all gaits. Gemini remembers how to be a good pony horse and I was really impressed with his behavior. He hasn't gone that far on the trail in quite a while and he was rock solid. At our furthest point from home, there was a horse that called to him and he called back once. Otherwise, he was never nervous or overly concerned about where home or his herd was. Rain had some unconfident moments which surprised me. Otherwise, she had a good amount of go (by Rain's standards - ha!) and we had a great ride.

We came back in the dark and I had some super relaxing, almost meditative moments thinking about my horses, my life, and how much I enjoy my time with the equines.

I'll get another ride in on Rain on Wednesday with some good mileage and then she'll rest until Saturday.

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