Saturday, September 26, 2009

Competition with Z

Had an amazing day with Z and so glad to have my main horse back in action! We went to Plum Hollow for a Pair Pace event. The course was about 3 miles and had 27 jumps! We did a lot of it at a canter but one of our team riders went off at one point, costing us some time. We also had some pretty neat looking jumps that our horses weren't sure they wanted to approach. We took our time and just had a blast!! We took 9th out of 25. I was worried we were going too fast, but were actually a little slow because of the hesitant approaches and the fall.

Z was so calm for the whole thing. She was trusting, easy and made the Thoroughbreds on my team look like maniacs. Her mouth was always soft and she was very responsive. All the training we've done was certainly paying off and my team mates made lots of comments on her good behavior.

Then, the Arapahoe Hunt club did a mini-hunt and invited any Pair Pace competitors interested to join. I, of course, was all IN! Three of the five of us there did the mini hunt, which was a blast. When they blow the bugle and dogs get a scent it's just full on gallop time! About 30 horses came along - total mayhem. But it was great fun. At one point, my friend and her horse came barreling into us causing Z to cut hard to the right and I went off. I almost stayed on, but I just couldn't get my center of gravity back on top. I wasn't hurt, I just gave Tammy and her horse the evil eye and got back on. I was, of course, giggling the whole time - even during the evil eye.

On the way home, we stopped at a new trailhead - Dawson Butte. It's a nicely groomed 5-mile loop through trees and across meadows. There were also cross country jumps everywhere. I was done jumping for the day, but a couple from our group are never done! We also trotted and cantered a bunch over the winding trails which was great fun. Z was hot and tired by the end and I think I pushed her a little hard for her first day back, but hey - she's an Anglo-Arab - she can do it!

I had a great day with her and I look forward to competing some more in the spring! Now we're prepping for the clinic this weekend. Can't wait!

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