Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tina Arrives and Kendall Rides

Tina arrived from Texas today! She's a beautiful 3 yr old bay Dutch warmblood. She's here to get started and will probably be here through the winter. She traveled very well and I'm looking forward to playing with her and seeing what she knows.

Kendall decided to spend some time on Rain this afternoon, too. The weather wasn't great and I'd spent the morning catching up chores thinking I could get some riding done after. It drizzled on and off all day before the skies truly unleashed about 6pm. But, Kendall was able to get about an hour on Rain. I had her practice weaving and s-patterns, stop and go, and over small jumps. She, of course, loves to get far away and come cantering back! Kids!

I had Gemini, thinking I'd warm him up on the ground and then ride some patterns in the arena. Kendall wanted to learn, so I just let Gem eat grass while I coached Kendall. Once the rain started, it was all over. I didn't get to ride the whole day!

Tomorrow should be better...

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