Friday, September 4, 2009

Nina - really started...

Had a very successful session with Nina tonight. She started off wooly and wild and we played lots of games (falling leaf, put your feet on it, sideways, circle, squeeze over barrels, figure 8). The figure 8 was quite funny for a while - she was all movement and silly as heck. After a while, she came back to center and could walk a figure 8, but it took some doing.

I had her walk on a tarp, stand on the pedestal (front feet), stand on the bridge, and go over cavalettis. She was being so silly, she demolished one of the cavalettis. I could just hear her saying, "Wheeeeeeee..."! LOL

Anyway, once it seemed like her brain was in working order and she was willing to be calm, we started on the mounted work. Her mounting is great - stands still and behaves herself. Then, after several mounts on both sides, we walked off for the first time. Chrissy stayed with us so I'd have another hand in case she broke apart. She was calm and easy-going though. I'm slowly learning to trust her some. She's so athletic that I know she could leave in mid-air if she got excited.

We worked on lateral flexion, then bending at the walk. She was confused and I was very patient with her, helping her find the answer. I plan to get back on her over the weekend and really get some things going well at the walk. She's well on her way!

Very cool...

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