Monday, September 21, 2009

No riding, just watching

Cold rain... yuck. Reminds me of home and not something we get much in Colorado. I had to skip training after work and get ready for keeping horses warm and healthy. I pulled all the blankets out and tested them for waterproof capabilities. I put blankets on a few of the horses (Tina, Z and Abby). The other horses are heartier and don't have as much trouble in the cold. The cold weather has come before the horses have developed their thick winter coats so...

I also got Z's wound rewrapped and cleaned. I'm so pleased - it looks a ton better and I think she'll be good to go for the clinic. Excellent.

I watched horses a bit, paying close attention to how Tina is doing. She's buddied up with Abby, the nice Thoroughbred mare that I board. Abby has been the lowest on the totem pole around here. Tina has allowed Abby to leave the bottom rung and become 2nd to last in the herd. However, Abby is pretty good to Tina and they stay together most of the time. I'm glad Tina has a buddy now. She's extremely submissive with the herd and I'm curious to see how they develops while she's here.

I did my chores, cleaned up and called it a night. Darn. I had plans for horse development tonight.

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