Saturday, September 5, 2009

Relaxing with Z

I spent the day doing chores... stacking hay, managing weeds, fixing fence. I wanted to be sure I spent time with Z, the other horses could take the day off. So, with so many chores accomplished, I haltered my levels mare and tried to make a plan. I really didn't have a good plan, just to spend some time.

It rained for about 30 mins and I decided to trim Lakota while it was raining and Z was waiting. I got his front feet done, but he was not so cooperative and I wasn't up for the back feet. His feet are so hard, too!! I soaked them in water to help me get the trim done. I was happy with the shape we ended with and I got some good frog trimming and bar trimming done. I'm trying to lift his solar dome more to help him find more comfort on rocky terrain.

After the rain, Z and I headed out. The mosquitoes are so bad that it's hard to do anything that requires standing still or nearly still. Gotta move! So, a little warming up on the ground, working also on confidence with my new big pedestals. Then, I mounted and we headed towards the trail. I was thinking to practice transitions, but I was feeling very ADD and we goofed around on the jumping course for a bit. We jumped while I practiced keeping my tailbone to the cantle. Then, we headed down the road. She was so soft in the bit, softer than normal and she's normally quite soft. I'm not sure what we did last time that made her so soft, but it was nice. I tried to whisper to her with my hands to match her softness.

We stopped occasionally so she could grab some of the various plants and weeds that she finds so delicious. It was just a casual time and I occasionally asked for walk trot transitions and walk backup transitions. The mosquitoes were hideous and I just couldn't imagine them getting any better further down the trail, so I let her graze and then we headed back. I'm annoyed, and I'm missing the trail. No amount of spray seems to keep those bugs away. I will try to trailer some places this week, places where maybe the mosquitoes haven't completely taken over.

Anyway, Chrissy had dragged the arena since a little rain had moved through and I decided to take Z there. There was a breeze now and the mosquitoes all but disappear if there's a little wind. We practiced cloverleaf, then feeling the leads and asking for the correct lead, then a little isolation of the ends. It was a nice, casual and very fun session. Z's level of partnership has really gone up a notch lately and I'm enjoying her immensely. I can't imagine it can get better and yet, I know it can. If this was all I ever got from her, I'd call it wildly successful.

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