Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Down for 2 days!

Oh man. For two days I've been sick and too drained to go out with horses. I've gotten up to feed and Chrissy's helped feed and do chores. But, I've been just laid up, feeling terrible. What stinks is the weather is gorgeous, the mosquitoes are much better and work is extremely light. It's the perfect week to get a bunch of time in with the equines.


The new mare is doing great on the track with the herd. Z's leg is slowly healing, growing a lot of new flesh and coming along infection-free. Nina and Tina need trims badly and Gem could use a touch-up. 10 days until the Pair-pace and I don't know who to take. Also, I've been watching Ray Hunt's colt-starting videos and learning some interesting things. I've should get Nina into a canter (Passenger lesson style) early, we'll do that our next session. Also, I'll start teaching her to yield the hind and fore right away. We've done that a little, but Ray did it much more. Lateral flexion is huge to him, as it is to me - we're good to go there.

Also, I want to start using Rain or Z to help me start the young ones. I see where that can be very beneficial for both the mounted horse and the horse getting started. My mares would be great for that kind of work. Lots on my mind, now just need my body to heal and fight off this virus.

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