Thursday, September 3, 2009

Z and I pull it together

Wow - for the first time in my life, dependable and consistent flying lead changes!! We used the figure 8 pattern, worked on transitions and my feeling her lead and asking for a specific lead and we got it down! Z was with me, our backup was so soft and responsive, our departs were light and beautiful. It was simply the best riding we've done. I kept my tail to the cantle, Z's ears were up, she knew what to do and stayed calm. She was as happy to walk as she was to canter.

Before riding, we worked on the difference between asking for zone 4 away and zone 4 towards. The mosquitoes were so bad, we didn't do that long and skipped to fixing our falling leaf pattern and keeping her shoulder from falling in. That went very well and she was not caving in after just a few "discussions". What a good girl!

We've come such a long way!!

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