Friday, July 2, 2010

12 hours with horses!

Today was excellent.

Started with Amy at Hidden Mesa. Rode a bit with Lynn and Nancy there. Rode Rain and began the retraining. Amy needed help getting Molly across water and bridges. Had a successful session helping you see how to be successful and to stop blaming the horse!

Lynn and Nancy came over. Rode in the rain and lightening! Z out front and rock solid. We moved out fast and Z wanted to canter instead of trot a lot of the time. I think I went faster than Lynn and Nancy wanted. Oops! Deuce got scared of the thunder and I asked him to hop up on my saddle with me. That was funny - everyone got a giggle out of my big dog in my lap on my horse.

Rode Tina - lots of trotting, turning, disengaging and started moving the fore. She's doing beautifully.

Rode Gem - bucked a lot in the saddle before I mounted. Then, he was great! Helped Chrissy with passenger lesson at the trot.

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