Friday, July 9, 2010

Rio and Kris play, Prepping Tina for larger spaces

Rain and Tina trimmed. Rain has thrushy frogs. Kris did the trims.

Played a while with Tina - thunderstorms brewing and horses all "up". I planned to ride Tina, but she was quite excited (all the horses were) as a very ominous storm was brewing. There was lots of thunder getting closer all the time and I decided to just work on the ground. We did some new things like fly spray (she was champ - no big deal for her!) and dragging objects (the tarp). She's doing so well, she's starting to put her mouth on new things. I'm happy to see her become more investigative all the time. That will come in very handy when she encounters scary things in her life! Her jumping is beautiful and I had another friend who visited say she'd make a great hunter/jumper. She can do anything. There was a time where I thought she'd be limited, but now that she's changed and developed confidence I believe she can go any direction.

Kris played with Rio and they are looking good! They are starting to build a relationship. That is what I like to see. That's what it's all about to me. A horse learning to trust people and people putting value and dignity into the horse.

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