Saturday, July 17, 2010

Advancing with Z

Focused on freestyle! Also, used her as a ranch horse. We moved the herd, we took tools and materials back and forth for fencing, running to the driveway gate for repairs, then I'd let her graze while I fenced or fixed. She'd always come back for me when it was time to work again - a very positive sign.

We played in the arena for a long time. I would call what we did work, actually. We practiced bridleless circles and transitions. It was extremely hot, so I had a bucket and sponge that we'd dip into to get soaked and stay cool. I was looking for her to really feel me and finally after about 2 hours, she was finally getting there. I expect tomorrow will be much better. I changed my audition series, so looking forward to filming that tomorrow as long as Z's head is in the right place and we're partnered.

Our biggest challenge is canter departing from the trot while maintaining direction. I must be asking for a bend when we canter depart somehow. I'll continue to play with it and try to be as straight while I ask for the canter depart as I can.

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