Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prepping to film and a few failed attempts

I spent hours today with Tina and Z. I practiced getting Z through our audition choreography several times and caught some on film. She worked very hard today and I gave her a long break out of the tack while I advanced Tina.

Tina and I had a wonderful session working on maintaining gait in the arena. Her trot departs were much crisper today! She's moving into the trot with a slight lift of my energy and seat. She's coming back to the walk with the same lightness. She was especially curious today about all the items in the arena (using those for freestyle filming with Z). We worked quite a bit on riding the rail - meaning stay on the track I've laid out for us along the arena wall. I'm asking her to follow my focus on this "trail" along the edge. She seemed to pick that up well! We also worked on transitions - trot/walk and sometimes adding halt. Her attitude is extremely positive and she's interested in what we're doing. She's responding so nicely to what I'm asking from her. I'll continue to expect more from her and possibly get some lesson time with Loma soon to help me steer her towards more dressage type work.

A great day and boy was I exhausted at the end. :-)

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