Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving forward with Tina

Today, we warmed up with some great maneuvers on the ground then into the arena. I asked her to put her hind feet only on a tarp. Putting hind feet on an object is always much, much harder than the front feet. It took a bit, but she eventually was brave enough to stand with only her hind feet on the tarp. What a cool moment that was. I also asked her to rock the teeter totter with more finesse, 1 foot step at a time and rocking it a little faster than before. She was great!

I then rode her in the big arena, starting at the walk and building into the trot. She was great with the larger space. She was calm and checking things out in a way she never has before. I then asked her to maintain a trot gait. She was just a joy to ride tonight! We'll head into the canter next session, then it's time to hit the trail nice and easy. That's where she'll get the true test. I'm excited to get there!

Once we can take on the trail (a few rides), we'll get serious about our precision finesse riding.

She's doing beautifully!

Chrissy also hopped on Cowboy for a bit in the round pen. Tonight was a more fearful night and I gave her some nudging to hop on. She doesn't like riding as the sun starts to set, but Cowboy was rock solid and calm for her. Proud of her for stepping outside of her comfort zone.

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