Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally, a film worth sending

Tonight, I managed to get my L3 Freestyle filmed. This has been on my list for a year now. I filmed it last year, but it wasn't right. Then, I was focused on training other's horses and I decided to let it sit. I really lost my motivation. This summer, as I've done some trail competing with Z, I decided I really needed to close this chapter. So, it's been on my mind the last month or so and tonight my sister helped me capture my best version yet of Freestyle for L3. Watching it, I can say that there are things Z and I can do better. However, we hit all the compulsories and I hope the assessors find it a good enough representation of L3 riding skill.

I also started Tina with bit communication. We've been using the rope hack up until now and she's often worn a bit while we do our session. Today, I snapped the reins on and we started working through the communication building for bitted riding. She did the typical things - trying to find the answer and the release from the pressure. All in all, she learned very quickly that there was an answer and she figured things out. It was another lovely session of bringing along baby. :-)


Anonymous said...

Are you going to post the final vid on youtube? Would love to see!

Tia Jones said...

Yup!! It's a comin'. Putting music to it hopefully today. Love you!