Monday, July 12, 2010

Galloping on Z and Trotting Tina

Tina is now getting a little lazy! So funny to me. Tonight, we worked on maintain gait. This means, she can go where she wants but she has to do it a trot. No faster, no slower. I want her to learn to steady her gait more and to stay in it for longer periods before quitting. This is great for her fitness and teaching her some responsibility to maintain what her rider has asked for. We also worked more on isolating the ends (hind and fore). She wore a bit for our session tonight and tomorrow, I'd like to start using the bit for communication. Lots of progress!

Z and I took a quick ride over the neighbors as we are considering purchasing the property. I wanted to check out the 35 acres and that was a much easier task on horseback than car or foot. We rode there and back very fast, often galloping full speed. I remember a time when I didn't trust Z to do this. Now, I don't have a worry in the world when we go that fast. That trust is amazing to have.

I also hopped on Cowboy for Chrissy tonight. She's having a little trouble with him going when she asks, so I rode him for a few minutes to show how I'd get things done. He's such a nice horse! He's so smooth in his western jog and he glided around where I asked with little need for reins. I tried to soften his backup and get more commitment from him going backwards. He was fun!

The weather was amazing tonight - no rain, just clear skies and warm air. Perfect for horsing around.

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