Thursday, March 31, 2011

A new horse has arrived!!

Got off work, loaded up Gem, and met a friend at Hidden Mesa. I need to check my blog, but this should be ride #5. And we have MADE IT! I mounted a cool, calm trail horse today! There was no obstinance, no attitude, we trotted for miles, canter only when I asked for it, no buck, nothing! His head started the trail low and calm breathing and ended the same way!

I'm amazed to be at this point with this horse. He's been my horse for 3-4 years and he's now the horse I always dreamed he'd be. I would gallop him without being afraid now. We'll see if he's that way consistently moving forward, but I think we're ready for the big leagues! I'm euphoric.

I put boots on all 4 hooves and that seemed to make him comfortable and happy. That's a pretty rocky trail. We met a biker on the trail who appeared from behind a tree and spooked both our horses pretty good. Gem had a moment of "unglued", but came together nicely and I stayed on. It was a bigger spook than I've ridden in a while.

We jumped some fallen logs near the end of the ride. Fun!

Anyway, just lovely. 7.5 miles in 90 mins. Hopefully, Deb and I can start doing even more mileage or maybe same mileage but faster or more mileage, but slower... whatever. I'm going to have a great, great summer.

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