Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Driving and Sending

I decided to start a program of softening the send and transitions up. So, Gem and I set out on the 45' and worked on lowering our phase 1 for sending on the circle and transition up on the circle. He was so compliant tonight, it was quite amazing. He never tried to leave the circle, he was responsive, his backups are straight and quick, he was just such a great partner. He got the send lighter and I can now simply look with a low, pointed finger. He seemed to be having fun!

I then worked on zone 5 driving. I played with transitions between trot and walk from zone 5 and weaving. He's doing better, but still tries to get me back into zone 1 sometimes. We'll keep progressing with that. Using the 45' as 2 reins is way better than the featherweight lines I bought. I don't love the feather lines. It was incredibly windy and they just would have been blowing everywhere.

Gemini is changing. He's becoming much more of a partner - more willing, more obedient, more motivated. The Parelli program simply works. I'm so excited for the coming months and the progress we'll make.

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