Friday, March 25, 2011

Hidden Mesa with Kyle

Surprisingly, Kyle decided to ride horses with me today! I finished work at 4:30, loaded up Rain and Z, and off we went!

We were riding by 5:15p, which ended up being just enough time to load horses back into the trailer before the sun went down. Both mares did great and worked hard. We trotted and cantered most of the trail. I was wishing I'd had boots for them as I'd forgotton how rocky the south rim is there. But they were fine, a couple chips on hoof walls.

Kyle was smiling most of the time, until near the end when he said his jeans were just chafing too much on his calves. Poor kid - he was not in good riding clothes. He walked the last mile or so and I ponied Rain back to the trailer to get them untacked and loaded. He had a great time though and decided he wanted to ride again tomorrow.

I love having one of my kids ride with me!

Z was so great today and she's starting to realize she doesn't need to hurry. She's responding so nicely. I love that mare. I'm really, really looking forward to trying a 25 on her in late spring/early summer. If it goes well, I really want to try for a 50 before the year is over.

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