Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A run-in with the law

I managed to get away for another conditioning ride with Z and Rain. I've got great trails in my neighborhood... well, in the neighborhood NEXT to my neighborhood. I've ridden them for years and there's a fantastic 8 mile loop that's been great for conditioning my horses. So, I went out tonight on Z and ponying Rain.

Z was quite extroverted and spirited tonight. She kicked at run a few times during our ride. She spooked from a panel laying in the grass (it was dark when we got back) and nearly unseated me. We trotted quite a bit of the ride, but I wanted a softer, more elevated trot rather than her all out, faster than a canter trot. It turned into a training ride because she was so full of energy, but we were having a great time. Rain did a better job as our pony horse tonight, too. I brought my carrot stick so I could ask her forward when she allowed pressure on the poll from the halter. She doesn't mind being dragged down the trail by the poll, so I need to ride with my stick more often to get her lighter to the halter pressure. She'd much rather stand still than move, the exact opposite of Z.

About 2/3 into the ride, I ran into some neighbors taking pictures of me from their cars (3 cars). Turns out it was the neighborhood watch group and they don't want me riding their trails. I was so annoyed and it showed. I've been riding the trails for years, but last fall (or so) someone moved into that neighborhood that wants the trail system held exclusively for their use. I told them I would no longer ride their trail system (grrrr...) and went on my way. As I got close to home, the watch was still on and a bit further on, a sheriff appeared. I got a warning ticket (again, grrr...). I'll have to find a new path for conditioning my horses. This is a tough blow as that trail system has been so good. Now, it's either riding the dirt roads in my neighborhood or trailering. Weeknights don't leave time for trailering, so I'll be riding on the roads more often. Not sure I want to take Deuce when I'm on the roads. I'll have to make some adjustments.

Z did well tonight and we'll keep building her endurance. It's time to get more trotting work done as we've had 3 good long walk rides and a trot/walk ride.

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