Sunday, March 20, 2011

Conditioning ride with Z

Had just a really nice ride with Z today. The wind was howling and the clouds were gloomy, but we headed out anyway with our trail buddy, Deuce. I'm riding more country roads now because my neighboring community will no longer allow non-residents to use their open space. It's a bummer, but I'm finding other places to get the mileage in. We trotted, cantered some and walked some. She started out a little bit hot, but she was so nice after the first few minutes. I tried not to use reins and use only my body with reins as phase 4. It would be great to one day trust her enough to ride the trails with just a neck string. She's a high energy horse and we'd have to build our communication up enough that she would be with me even when she got scared.

I also gave her a touch up trim. I'm playing with the shape of her hinds and trying to get a little more heel developed. Her hooves look really nice, actually. I need to start booting her as we condition because I'll ride her more than her hooves can grow.

Kris came to see Rio today! He was missing her and he hung his head around her. It was really nice to see. He's such a nice little horse. I think she'll be getting back out to develop him some more in a month or two. I also think he's more ready than ever to build something with her. I'm excited by the possibilities.

Chrissy came out and spent a little time with Cowboy, too. I didn't see them do too much, but I was tacking up and prepping to get out with Z. Glad to see her spend time with him. With nicer days coming, I'm expecting she'll be developing him some more in the weeks ahead. Cowboy is doing really well.

I also spent some time with Starlet. She's struggled with her transition here. Her coat looks dull (granted, they are all transitioning to summer coats now) and she's thin. She's the lowest on the totem pole and she isn't getting enough hay. I've got her on fat supplements now to help round her back out. I need to spend more time with her and bring her around, start riding her, assessing her, and finding her a great home. I can't have 4, it's too many. But I'll do her justice and find her the best home I can. She's ready for a trim, so I'll get her done this week. I also hosed off her legs as they were a mess from her heat cycle.

I decided a few days ago to put Gem in the stall and large run. I did this for a few reasons - 1) he gets so overbearing when the mares start their heats and he planted some large bites on the herd over the last week 2) I want to develop our partnership more and I really believe that separating him from the herd some will help us find a groove 3) he's pretty fat and I want to control his intake a little more. He's ok in there. I'm going to let him out in front for exercise and I hope to get some good ground work time in the evening hours this week.

A nice day with the horsies!

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