Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gemini bonding...

Spent some time with Gemini yesterday. The wind was stupid! I didn't mount him, we did only ground work. We worked on the 22' and then some liberty in the round pen. Liberty is amazing with him! He's learning quickly that coming in to me is a great idea and his eyes are on me constantly. I will have to make sure I stay interesting - no drilling. I think I learned that well with Rain. A familiar feeling, when I play with him regularly, I realize how much I like him. He's smart and curious and playful and gregarious and willing. We worked on sending to the left and to the right, maintaining gait and then some trotting sideways. He's great at that! His Yo-yo is great and I started teaching him to trot in to me. I should teach him some tricks - he would be so great at tricks. His potential is amazing. I want to get him better on the trail over time. I think there's a reason he's still here with me. He's my horse - I just have to admit it. We have to keep finding that buck and let it work itself out of him for good. I need a new western stirrup and I don't want to ride him english until I'm sure the buck is gone. I need to be sure I can stay on so he doesn't get the idea that bucking works. He's the buckinest horse I've ever known and has offered the biggest buck I've ever ridden. He has a lot to teach me.

I miss Rain.

I worked on the track system with Steve in the stupid wind for a while. We got quite a bit done - I was surprised how quickly it went. I'm hoping we can get it done this week. I'd like to put the horses in it before I leave for the ISC. I'll be leaving 3 horses and the track will be good for that number, I think. Steve will have a much easier time of it with horses on the track. I'm so hopeful with this system and what it will do for all of us (horses and caregivers).

I want to find time to wash and braid manes and tails this week, too.

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