Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Endurance Training

Yesterday, Tammy, Stony and I trailered to Sharptail and rode about 10 miles. We hauled a** and I had a blast. I rode Rain and ponied Z, Stony was on Cowboy. Rain was actually quite "up" in the beginning and I loved it! I love riding her when she's got druthers - her gaiting is beautiful and she's just a lot of fun. Z needed to just cover miles w/o me on her back - building endurance w/o the load. Z was feeling good and seemed fully recovered from the 13 mile ride before. I wanted to go farther than 10, but Stoney had to go and a winter storm was moving in.

Afterwards, we dropped off Rain at Jen's and picked up Starlet to take her back to Tammy. I can't handle 5 anymore and Tammy said she'd take Starlet back. I'm relieved, but sad that I haven't gotten much going with Starlet. I miss Rain terribly!! Dang - I love that horse. I will get her right after the race next weekend. Ugh! I hated to leave her. Hopefully, Jen and Kirk will get a chance to ride her while she's there. They can't have her for long. :-) She's my most special-ist horsey. Now, when the herd is out to pasture and I holler for feeding time, nobody comes. That was Rain's job. She'd hear me and come running and the others would follow. Now, they all hear me holler, lift their heads, look at me, and go back to grazing. Geesh.

Today, I'll try to ride and play with Gemini and Z. Work is light again. I love this.

While hauling yesterday, my truck started to act up. Great. Gotta get it fixed.

Lastly, Tammy found an ex-Parelli 5 star right here in Colorado!! He lives in Berthoud! I called him and I'm hoping he and I can get together this weekend! I'm hopeful he'll be a great mentor and will allow me to use Teri less. He sounded reasonable and friendly. Can't wait.

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