Monday, April 7, 2008

Riding Solo

Had a great time with Z today. I've been jonesin' for horse time since I was on the road and catching back up with the family with a day skiing. So, after hubby got home from baseball I was able to get "my time". Z and I started by taking L3 booklets 1-3 and going through them to see where we stood. There's quite a bit of freestyle riding all the way through the program and I think my ground work is ahead of my freestyle riding. I'm going to practice that after day I can from now on. We can trot freestyle and ride a pattern, but we've got to get to flying lead changes w/o a bridle and cantering and galloping a pattern. I have to figure out the "row, row, row your horse" thing. Hoping my Anglo-Arab doesn't get emotional! I'm expecting this won't be uneventful.

We then videotaped the Liberty tasks and I'm going to send this set. It's not perfect. She didn't come to a walk and stay there on the transitions. She walked a few strides, then trotted again for a few strides. It's just time for some feedback. The other things went ok, I believe. The flying lead change looked decent so we'll see...

Then, I groomed her a bit and took the clippers to her ears and bridle path and chin. Then, we headed off together. This is the first time we've ridden alone in quite some time and I was very happy that she went well w/o another horse. We rode a new way and went between 8-9 miles. She spooked big from a board laying in the grass and I was grateful to be in a western saddle! :o She also really wants to canter... a LOT. Like all the time! I rode in the rope hack and her down transitions were not great. We worked on transitions some, but I honestly just felt like riding and not teaching/practicing. We need to work more on transitions on the trail. In the arena, they are fine. She was relaxed and happy on the trail - she never seemed nervous or worried and after a while we did some stopping for green grass nibbling. All in all, a fantastic ride with my mare! I was very pleased and thankful for the time with her. My other horses are getting fat, though. ;-)

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