Saturday, April 26, 2008

Z's first endurance ride!!

We did the Kenlyn Urban Challenge today. Stoney and I on Cowboy and Zarah. We won it!! Since it's an unofficial ride, there are no prizes except for bragging rights. I'm cool with that! It was a great ride and the horses were not at all tired at the end. There was plenty of horse left after the 15. The vet even told us we'd done a great job conditioning our horses! Quite a complement. I've got the fever big time now. I'm checking the endurance calendar and starting to run more to get myself in better shape to help cover the longer rides. Zarah was full of life and there were a couple times where she didn't want to transition down. We'll keep working on that. I love my life.

Took Cowboy home and brought Rain back to our ranch. She'd been at Jen's and I missed her terribly. Jen and Kirk were happy to see Cowboy looking so fit, but it made them realize he's probably not the horse they want for their 2nd. He'll probably be on the market soon. He's an amazing horse and worth some serious money - easily $5k to $6k. I think he's great and if I had room in my life for another, I'd keep him. I can't have 4.

The pad system I used didn't work so great - I used the Equipedic with shims and she had dry spots just behind the withers. Arrrgghhh! I'll keep figuring that out.

A great day!

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