Thursday, April 24, 2008

A New Mentor... Finally

An ex-Parelli 5-star instructor came into my life. I've been waiting and longing for a new mentor. I haven't had the motivation to go see Teri and when she came down to see me a week or two ago I remembered why I haven't been up to see her. And now, I'm so happy that I have another option. We spent four hours today and it was awesome. I felt again like I could start growing. I've been feeling so stifled... not growing, sitting on a plataeu of my horsemanship journey.

In an effort to record all the things we learned:
1) Started with Z. I'm not being specific enough when I ask for things. She's gotten dull and lazy. I'm not asking for more.

2) Our send needs to get better! She's leaving in a complacent manner and I've allowed it - perhaps even asked for it.

3) Time with Gemini - he and I have a much better conversation than Z and me. So, we worked on something new. Flank rope - holy crap. Gemini no likey the flank rope! He bucked his brains out. However, we worked it through and by the end I could back him into the pressure of the flank rope w/o trouble. Very cool and a great experience for me.

4) Get more creative! I'm drilling. I'm trying not to, but I am with Z and not Gemini. How interesting!

5) Teach my horse to count to 3! No nagging!

6) Swoop the stick up towards the horse to move that end - this was a brand new concept to me and very effective for moving the hind end.

7) Dennis does NOT talk about horseanalities and I so appreciate that. I don't want to analyze my horse all the time. Sometimes I want to just focus on her doing what I've allowed.

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