Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Endurance Training

Today, Stoney and I did 13 miles. The horses seemed strong and fit and had life left at the end. Z wanted to canter and I had to keep holding her back a lot of the ride - even at the end. Last week, at the end of 13 miles, Z didn't have much left. We've done several training rides now and she's definitely stronger. I think she could give a 25 mile race, but not sure about the other horses (Ruby and Cowboy). As easy as Cowboy covered 13 today, he could probably go 12 more. They are both finishing nicely in the last few rides. Stoney and I agreed that we would decide on Saturday morning how far we wanted to race.

I think I should join AERC. Z and I are going to have some great endurance years ahead of us!

Today was the first time in my english saddle on a long trail ride. I've been using my western since I'm always ponying another horse. Today, I decided to focus on Z and not pony. I wanted to be sure the english saddle was going to be fine for us both. It was! I double shimmed it and she had nice, even sweat patterns with no ruffled hairs from friction. I'm not crazy about the way the pad bunches up under the back, but it didn't seem to bother Z a bit. Her back wasn't sore at the end at all. I'm happy! I put my endurance stirrups on it and my wool seat cover. Ready to go!

Now, I need to get some bran to make a mash this week and make sure I've got everything we need in my trailer. And a working truck!!

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