Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pasture Paradise

Well, we now have the horses living in a track. VERY COOL!! Over the coming months, we'll add some varying terrain such as water, rocks, sand, obstacles (tree parts, jumps, etc...). The idea is to have the horses always moving by pushing each other through the track. I have a book dedicated to this idea and how to carry it out. I've been thinking and planning for this for some time now. I'm hoping to do a decent job of chronicling the journey with hoof pics, horse measurements and pics of their physique and again in 6 mos. I'm expecting them to all look a little more fit and to have better fit as the moving is what makes their feet grow and get stronger. We also plan to plant some trees so they will have natural weather protection. We'll have to run sprinkles so we're working on figuring that part out.

At first, they trotted and cantered the track a few times. Then, they investigated much more slowly. Now, I see them hanging around the barn and wondering when I'm going to give them food! :-) No poop to scoop! I'm anxious to see how this goes...

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